Are you an Explorer at Heart? Travel the Galapagos with Celebrity.


The Galapagos Islands were discovered by accident in 1535, when Tomas de Berlanga, the Bishop of Panama, drifted off course while sailing from Panama to Peru.

The islands were used as a base by a succession of buccaneers, sealers and whalers, but the most famous visitor was Charles Darwin, who arrived in 1835. Darwin stayed for five weeks, making notes and wildlife collections that provided important evidence for his theory of evolution, which he was just then beginning to develop.  Now you can visit and see the wildlife, cactus and flowers, beaches, and breathtaking views for yourself.

Right now Celebrity Cruises is offering an amazing all-inclusive trip to the Galapagos Islands.  You’ll spend your nights on one of Celebrity’s beautiful ships and your days will be filled with once in a lifetime adventures you’ll never forget.

Start your day by enjoying a hot cup of coffee while taking in the sunrise over the water.

balcony Breakfast

Once on shore, visit with a 70 year old Tortoise or one of the Iguanas running around.  Snorkel with Sea Turtles and watch the Sea Lions lounge and play in the sand and sun.  Photograph any one of hundreds of species of birds while you hike the incredible landscape and enjoy the beautiful flowers and cactus.


Enjoy a guided tour of historic Quito, which includes a visit to the Middle of the World Park Museum where you’ll see the Equator line.


Gardner Bay boasts sandy white beaches and clear blue water, prefect for swimming or enjoying the sun.


Urvina Bay is the largest island in the Galapagos and is made up of volcanos.  The most recent eruption was in 2015.


If you have the time, plan a post-cruise activity such as a visit to the Andes or Machu Picchu.  For more detailed information on these cruises or to book now, click on this link to view the brochure: Celebrity & Galapagos or contact me.

Here’s some helpful information I found on Pinterest:


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