Why Use a Travel Agent?

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With so many self-service travel sites available today, many people wonder why would you want to use a travel agent?  There are many answers to that question because there is more involved in your trip than just the lowest rate, which you may not even be getting from those “book yourself” sites.

Travel agents have access to special rates and discounts that aren’t available any other way.  They can have access to specials and discounts that you won’t be aware of when you book yourself.

A search engine doesn’t have the ability to customize a trip for you by making suggestions based on your family information and needs.  For example, someone in your group may have a birthday while on the trip and a travel agent will recognize this and can suggest something special to help celebrate to occasion, where a search engine will just book a hotel, flight, and car.  A travel agent can also suggest and help you get great prices on tours and local events.

They can do the hours of research for you, make all the reservations, keep track of your payments and ticketing, and do all of the “heavy lifting” so all you have to do is pack your bags and enjoy your trip.

Enjoy this short video that sums it all up:

GOGO Vacations Travel Agent Appreciation


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